Carrs of Sheffield Traditional Sterling Silver Frame

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A stylish home is all about the details so let this superb Traditional Sterling Silver Frame from Carrs accent yours. The frame, complete with elegant decorations is finished with a plush velvet back. It offers the perfect way in which to display your treasured memories.            Photo Size - 13cmW x 9cmH

Carrs Silver is a prestigious silverware brand, world-renowned for our values of quality and design.We started our journey back in 1976 when our founder, Ron Carr, left his factory position in Sheffield to craft silver jewellery full time from his garage. The rest, as they say, is history.Despite our continued growth and expansion, Carrs still remains an independent, family-run company, with a strong sense of tradition and the determination to secure the business for generations to come.Our many collections of highly desirable sterling silver and silver plated products will satisfy the needs of any occasion and the most discerning of customers. We design, manufacture and handpick our collections, which include time-honoured classics that will look great in any environment - from period home to slick urban apartment.And if you need a special something for a wedding, christening, anniversary or birthday - our range of sterling silver and silver plated gifts are sure to delight and be cherished for a lifetime.The Steel City of Sheffield remains our home to this very day, boasting a rich and intricate manufacturing history. We are proud to be a part of the City of Makers and to be at the forefront of preserving the city’s illustrious cutlery and silverware heritage.Have a question? Please feel free to call, email or Tweet us.All of our products are designed and manufactured by Carrs Silver, Sheffield, England.
Scarabee : SCARABEE offers an exquisite collection of handcrafted solid silver ornaments featuring a blend of Western and Oriental designs, as well as modern and ethnic silver jewellery from several influential European designers. In addition to this amazing collection SCARABEE also showcases handmade ceramic items by French artists, a beautiful collection of Murano glass and a unique collection of silver jewellery adorned with enamel and semi-precious stones designed by Colette Makar, the owner of SCARABEE boutiques, who created the quintessential SCARABEE line.
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