The 360 Wellness Box

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AED   294.00

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For a Healthy You, To Support & Promote Health & Wellness. A box filled with items that help your health and fitness journey the right way. 

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Co-Originality : We at Co-Originality craft both custom and personalized options, preparing visually stunning pre-curated selections in a wide selection of ready-made boxes that can be personalized and ready at a moment’s notice. This year we launched the ‘The People of Influence’ Subscription Series, a Dubai discovery platform for customer to receive boxes from companies know and don’t know. We are collaborating with UAE trendsetters and iconic institutions to release an exciting subscription box series like no other. We are launching with 4 series: New Born, Kid, Health and Lifestyle. We guarantee there will be a well-rounded gift option for you, no matter where your interests lie.
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