Solid Bronze Necklace Matt Style with Blue Crystal

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Opus designs are inspired by the Greek civilization. The designer creativity reinterprets his culture adding a touch of modernity with bold and unique designs.This necklace is hand hammered and adorned with crystal.    Chain - 45 cm                                                                                                                                          Pendant - 5 cm

SCARABEE was created in 1993 and named after the sacred beetle of Ancient Egypt. Our aim is to represent the most prestigious artisans and our focus is on the artistic, unique and handmade creations. Each product is carefully handpicked by the keen eye of the owner. SCARABEE also offers a customer-based atmosphere and a bespoke corporate gifts service.
Scarabee : SCARABEE offers an exquisite collection of handcrafted solid silver ornaments featuring a blend of Western and Oriental designs, as well as modern and ethnic silver jewellery from several influential European designers. In addition to this amazing collection SCARABEE also showcases handmade ceramic items by French artists, a beautiful collection of Murano glass and a unique collection of silver jewellery adorned with enamel and semi-precious stones designed by Colette Makar, the owner of SCARABEE boutiques, who created the quintessential SCARABEE line.
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