Skiffo Sun Cruise 10'

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Skiffo for connoisseurs
The new board at SUN CRUISE SKIFFO sports a more innovative shape. With its rounded hull and sharpened nose, this board will be as responsive ride in the waves.

Premium with a double layer construction, SUN CRUISE 10 'can be maneuvered easily through 300x81x12cm perfect balance for a handy and dynamic board. Over-equipped, professional board that has 5 handles many D-Ring to place a kayak or SUP tow and footrests for the kayak. Finally, the unique design of the board with a non-slip mat perforated alligator also will distinguish you on the water!

Sold in a pack "all SKIFFO", this board is SKIFFO for the ride and waves!

Measurement: Length Length 297-300 cm
This length provides enough volume for the ride while keeping good maneuverability of the board. This versatile board thus serves for the ride and behaves well in waves.

Measurement: Thickness Thickness 12 cm
The ideal compromise for light riders and waves. The SUP developed 12 cm thick have a good rigidity while maintaining maneuverability and reducing the intake to the board of wind.

Measure: Width Width 81 cm
This extra width offers better stability on the board. The space is increased rider for better comfort during long walks. The board nevertheless loses in speed and maneuverability.

Key pointspaddle Key Point 2
Drop Stitch R1
Drop Stitch Double Skin
Drop Stitch technology superior quality, robust and durable. A second layer of reinforced PVC is superimposed on the construction Drop Stitch basic. inflated under high pressure (15 psi), the SUP guarantee exceptional stiffness and maintain the original shape of the board in all conditions.

Skiffo pays particular attention to the density of the filaments of its Drop Stitch. High-end materials - PVC 1000D Korean glue - are also used for better performance and durability

included Accessories
Transport bag
Backpack castors Skiffo
A bag designed for adventurers with ultra-comfortable handles and 4 wheels placed under the bag. Compact - 95x38x25cm - this bag has straps to keep tightening and minimize instead of SUP deflated. A side storage is available to store the paddle and a front pocket will allow you to slide the spoiler or your belongings

included Paddle
Paddle section 3
A paddle aluminum is included in each of our packs. 3 disassembled into sections, this paddle is also telescopic and can be adjusted between 165 and 215 cm high. His angle was also studied to penetrate water efficiently with each stroke.

high pressure pump
SUP pump with ergonomic handle for easy inflation. The gauge is placed on the pump in order to monitor the pressure on inflation in psi and bar.

coiled Leash
The use of a safety cord is strongly recommended; it allows you to stay connected to your SUP in all circumstances. A leash attaches telephone ultra-comfortable neoprene ankle is included in this pack.

holding strap + Repair Kit
Even more !
retaining strap to hold the SUP deflated and complete repair kit with PVC patches and glue.

Thickness width length 300 x 82 x 12 cm
Net weight 13 kg
fins 1 removable central slide
Number of rider 1
Weight Rider 105 kg
Inflation Pressure 15 psi

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