Pure Silver Bookmark with Arabic Calligraphy A

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Pure silver handcrafted bookmark with Arabic wording " Knowledge is Enlightening".                                                                                        3.5cmW x 5cmH

Saad Of Egypt was founded in 1966 at the famous area of Khan El Khalili. Khan el Khalili is known world wide as the heart of art creation and manufacturing in cairo, Egypt. For the past 500 years khan el khalili was the meeting point for traders that came from the middle-east and Africa bringing the best of their culture’s creations for trade. Now it is a worldwide attraction for all nationalities that appreciate fine art and unique pieces. All pieces acquired in the Khan flourish in beauty with the passing of time. Saad of Egypt pioneered in the application of the modern look for silver manufactured products while still preserving the old traditional beauty. All the silver produced before Saad Of Egypt in khan el khalili were rotated around Arabic, pheronic and Turkish designs and engravings. Now a new modern look is made with silver designs. Saad of Egypt is proud to bring this new look to the Middle Eastern artists who implemented this look with the best production quality and made by Egyptian hands All products are manufactured in our own workshops with the experience of the best artists that give the standardized finish Saad of Egypt is most famous for. The artists of Saad Of Egypt are hand picked and trained to deliver unique creations and giving the consumer a master piece to remember Egypt by. Saad Of Egypt started with one branch in khan el khalili and gradually grew into four main branches with a fifth branch opening soon. The branches are strategically located in four of the most popular areas in Cairo. In addition Saad of Egypt’s unique designs attracted wholesalers from many different countries that were eager to spread our designs to their community. Exporting to most Arab, European countries as well as the United States and Canada has been a growing market during the past decade. Saad Swift Service is a new program from Saad Of Egypt designed to make your life easier in Egypt. By calling our direct line we will send you our representative to collect ALL items for cleaning, maintenance and even restoration and return them to you as good as new. By all we mean silver, copper, metal, bronze everything. Our professional team will take good care of your precious belongings.
Scarabee : SCARABEE offers an exquisite collection of handcrafted solid silver ornaments featuring a blend of Western and Oriental designs, as well as modern and ethnic silver jewellery from several influential European designers. In addition to this amazing collection SCARABEE also showcases handmade ceramic items by French artists, a beautiful collection of Murano glass and a unique collection of silver jewellery adorned with enamel and semi-precious stones designed by Colette Makar, the owner of SCARABEE boutiques, who created the quintessential SCARABEE line.
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