My Family Veggie Biobox 8kg

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AED   229.00

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Fuel your family! Give them the energy they need with our Family Veg BioBox. Enough Veg to feed your tribe for one week. All products rotating on a weekly basis.

Size: 32x35x25cm

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BioBox : Biobox, by Goldsfeir Food4Life LLC, is an on-line quality-driven, customer-assured healthy food and wellness solutions provider that has been inspiring the people of the UAE since 2018.We at Biobox UAE believe firmly that a life-style with good, wholesome food including top-quality, fresh produce from sustainable and organic sources is what we all need to live strong, make intelligent choices and help our planet at the same time. By cutting out the high energy requirements of a retail outlet, we not only allow our customers to save money, but we limit the time fresh food is spent in storage thus providing fresher, more delicious choices as well as reducing our carbon footprint - with our quality assurance.
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