My Bachelor(ette) Mix Biobox 4kg

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Stay balanced with our Bachelor Mix BioBox! Fresh, organic fruits & vegetables for one person. All products rotate on a weekly basis.

Size: 32x35x25 cm

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Food4Life : Food 4 Life offers a convenient delivery service of organic fresh fruit, vegetables and essentials. Your BioBox delivered direct to your doorstep! Just order online, sign up for a subscription or order one time only and benefit from our free delivery! You choose the frequency, and you can pause or cancel whenever you like! We understand you may lead a very busy life, so we are here to assist you and give you a helping hand. We offer a range of BioBoxes to suit all needs! Our boxes include a range of different fruits & vegetables to make sure you get all the vitamins and nutriments your body needs to get you through the week. If like many members of our Food 4 Life family, you know what you like and like to keep the control, you can create your own Custom BioBox. Then you can add the essentials you need: milk, eggs, pasta, etc.
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