The Favourite- Babiage Doodoo


Babiage Doodoo is a plush animal toy of superior quality and is made of anti-allergic materials. Inside the toy there is an audio player which reproduces the real womb-like sounds baby heard in the mother’s tummy – these help your baby fall asleep in an instant. It can be used from the first day of life and help with transition to the outside world. Doodoo’s noise sensor turns on when the baby wakes up and starts to cry. The Babiage Doodoo helps parents have restful nights.There is an option for a lullaby for older babies.• With the integrated cry detector and adjustable sound level, the Doodoo reproduces womb sounds for 3 minutes• Recommended from the first day of life• Anti-allergenic material, the eyes and the nose are embroidered to avoid potential risk of plastic elements• Can be attached to the crib / stroller with strings or velcro which can be hidden by small turn-up mittens to avoid scratching• Machine washable at 30 degrees (don't forget to take the device out)• Can be switched to the Brahm's lullaby from 9 months onwards


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