A revolution in the concept of sheet masks. Kocostar Slice mask is comprised of 12 individual slices infused with the scent and the nutrients of a fruit or a vegetable it was designed after ? a convenient and effective alternative to using raw fruits and vegetables.\n\nThese compact, individual slices are made of TENCEL? fibers from eucalyptus tree that it?s gentle even on the sensitive skin. They will allow you to target specific areas of your face or body with intense nourishments. Like a sticker, you can remove the mask sheet one by one and apply it all over the body!\n\nKocostar?s Cucumber Slice Mask Sheet contains 10,000ppm of cucumber extract, which is rich in Vitamin A and C. Not only does it moisturize, it calms damaged skin, making skin feel refreshed.\n\nHOW TO USE\n\n1. Apply after removing makeup and cleansing the face.\n2. Remove the patches of the mask sheet one by one and attach it to preferred areas on the body.\n3. Peel off after 10-15 minutes.\n4. Tap the remaining essence on the face lightly to absorb.\n5. Can be used before sleep or before applying makeup.\nFeatures:- Hydrating and firming essence pack that enables you to target specific areas of the skin\n- Suitable for all skin types\n- Innovative and fun design for enjoyable skin care\n- Nourishes your skin and keeps it hydrated throughout the day\n- Non-irritating and safe for users with sensitive skin\n- Detoxifies and enhances the radiance of the skin\n- Contains 2 sheets with 6 patches

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna boasts diverse exhibition halls each featuring nail, hair, skincare, spa, and international beauty brands. Surveying high-end established brands and their innovations taught me two essential facts: a brand name must be easy to remember, and it should contain a story.Upon this realization, the phrase “Korean Cosmetics Star” flashed across my mind – in short, KOCOSTAR. I fell in love with the name immediately. It was simple enough, and it implied my desire to captivate the global beauty market with K-Beauty products.
ClickGift : "We are an online boutique store based in Dubai. We launched early April 2020. We are focusing on unique gifting experience like nowhere else. We specialize in personalized gifts for any occasion be it birthdays, anniversaries, baby shower, wedding and much more. We are proud to be one of the very few companies in the UAE, offering many different concepts and ideas under one umbrella. Most popular concepts are the curated boxes, build your own box with hundreds of options catering to all tastes and interests, CK bar, personalized jewelry/products, personalized gift wrapping and more. "
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