Kocostar Lip Mask Cherry Blossom Single Firming & Vitality

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Kiss your dry, chapped lips goodbye!\nMake your lips soft and kissable with KOCOSTAR? Lip Mask ? hydrogel lip patch infused with botanical extracts and moisturizing agents. Each Lip Mask contains 1 one-time use gel patch. Apply before putting on lip make up for super hydrated and slightly plump lips.\n\nWhat makes KOCOSTAR?s Lip Masks special?\nThe lip masks stick right to your lips and don't fall off! You can walk, move, dance and they stay put!\nYou can alternatively try applying to the nipples or nicks from shaving to soothe and get a nice boost of moisture!\n\nHOW TO USE\n\n1. Take out a lip mask.\n2. Place mask on clean lips and leave on for about 10 minutes.\n3. Remove the mask and pat the excess essence.Features:- Instantly moisturizes, nourishes, and refreshes dry, chapped lips and rejuvenate the surrounding skin\n- Cherry blossom flavored hydrogel mask for lips that promotes skin generation, soothes and improves skin tone\n- Contains 1 lip mask\n- Cruelty free products

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna boasts diverse exhibition halls each featuring nail, hair, skincare, spa, and international beauty brands. Surveying high-end established brands and their innovations taught me two essential facts: a brand name must be easy to remember, and it should contain a story.Upon this realization, the phrase “Korean Cosmetics Star” flashed across my mind – in short, KOCOSTAR. I fell in love with the name immediately. It was simple enough, and it implied my desire to captivate the global beauty market with K-Beauty products.
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