Kaya skin thightening (Venus) RF 1 session

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AED   865.00

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A beautiful body is always a work in progress. Time and lifestyle factors add various challenges, creating visible changes in skin texture and body contour. That’s why our body solutions combine diverse technologies and techniques to smooth out cellulite, ease away telltale veins and edemas, and trim difficult areas to help craft those cuts and curves just the way you want them. Kaya Body Solutions are also an excellent preventative strategy if you start with them early enough.

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Kaya Skin Clinic : Leading chain of skin, hair and body clinic in the region with over 16 years of expertise, 36+ dermatologists and 250K+ satisfied customers across UAE and KSA .For more information please contact customer care:UAE: 800-KAYA (8005292) ; KSA +966541114273
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