Iconic Tour - 12mins. (Exclusive)

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Depart from the Helidubai Jumeirah Heliport and experience a mesmerizing sites of the Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab’s iconic structure. As your aerial tour continues, fly above the astonishing Dubai beaches. Be adorned with the views of the amazing architectural masterpiece of BURJ KHALIFA – the tallest building in the world, the Dubai Canal, and other artistically built skyscrapers at the Business Bay. Return towards Helidubai Helipad with unforgettable memories of Dubai.

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Helidubai is the premier helicopter service provider in the UAE, offering a wide range of services from tours, corporate and VIP transfers, private helicopter charter and specialising in aerial filming and photography.
Helidubai : Dubai has seen by many, but not all had really seen it from above. Ever thought of why the Palm called The Palm? Or why the Burj Al Arab labelled a 7-star hotel? Or maybe wonder how the World looks like at The World Islands? Or imagine getting an up-close look at Burj Khalifa? These wonders are created for someone like you to enjoy and appreciate.The city is so rich in natural and man-made creations, that adorn the skyline and this beauty can be seen only from the air.And there is only one way to do this, take a helicopter tour! With the most preferred aerial tour provider- HeliDubai!From its luxurious helicopters, highly experienced pilots and professional crews, you are sure to have the most memorable and exciting aerial tour ever.Selections of carefully designed tour packages are available to cater to your preferences without compromising the sightseeing adventure.Never miss the chance to experience a panoramic view of Dubai with Helidubai!Take a helicopter ride for the unique experience!
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