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Basin aquatraining Fit's Pool To make Aquabike without pool
The self-supporting aquabiking basin
The Fit's Pool is a self-supporting removable pelvis that combines the simplicity of installing a spa, an aqua fitness equipment.

It allows those who have no pool to experience the fun of the aqua. Its modular structure composed of side panels in high density insulating foam ensures outstanding rigidity.

compact dimensions
centralized digital control
Water heated to 42 ¡ C
filtration pump
LED lighting
Coverage isothermal secure
Compatible 2 aquabikes
Easy installation in 1 hour
easy assembly1 hour
Volume Optimized
Weight 1400 kg / m 2
Liter <3000 L
compact dimensionsDimensions
digital controlControl panel
For who ?
fitness club Fitness clubs
The free pool Fitness clubs can now propose the re-aquatic form and create a special area aqua.

Physiotherapists Physiotherapists
New aquatic rehabilitation tools that easily integrate in all offices by their reduced dimensions.

Mooring individuals
To make Aquabike all year at home. Easily integrates onto a terrace, a garage, a room to turn it into individual fitness center.

Aquabike included
Aquabike included
The Fit's Pool allows you to enjoy the benefits of water by combining the benefits of water sports. A Aquabike is included standard on Fit's Pool. You can make your fitness as you wish, or physical condition, without joint impact.

Two is better!
You have the optional ability to add a second Aquabike to make a couple or with a (e) friend (e), or choose from the full range of equipment Waterflex. A wide choice is available, we certainly have one that fits your needs: silhouette, cardio, rehabilitation or building muscle!

Aquabike included
Filtration, heating, bubbles
The engine block of the Fit's Pool is a concentrate of technology. Digital sound control panel to manage both the filtration of water, the temperature, but it is also equipped with an air pump for generating massaging bubbles, distributed all around the basin. Intelligent, it warns you when it is time to clean the filter cartridge.

The Control Panel is also lockable to prevent mishandling during or after your scŽance.

Control panel
Structure of the spa
revolutionary structure
The Fit's Pool can be positioned where you want, even in a room with restricted access, thanks to its detachable structure. Its small footprint 4m2 allows you to create your space aquabiking or you like.

Installation is extremely simple and no tools are necessary. The Fit's Pool is designed to offer you all the safety of all age groups to use as it has a stainless steel ladder for easy raising and lowering in the basin, and a removable inner bed for your relaxation scŽances.

Safety and insulation
Inflate the cover with the engine block, and place it on your Fit's Pool, adjustable straps are locked to prevent access to children. The cover also prevents heat loss to keep water at the desired temperature by limiting energy consumption.

Material: Steel structure / Panels plastic foam / PVC liner

Capacity: 2 people

Outside dimensions of motor block and scale:   L 184 x 184 x 128 cm

Internal dimensions: L 160 x 160 x 127 cm

Water capacity: 2867 L

Water height: 120cm

Net weight: 132 kg

Total operating weight: 3132 kg

Power supply: 230V - 50Hz / 2070W

Heater: 2000W

Filtration pump: 40W (1200l / hr)

Air pump: L1: 400W - L2: 650W - L3: 850W

LED Lighting: 30W

Max temperature: 42 ¡ C

Warranty: 2 years excluding wearing parts

Test Certificate: CE

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