Infinity Mens Wallet, KZ550BR

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AED   500.00

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Full grain Italian calf leather with a carbon fiber imprint; metal crest chrome finished; signature lining Double billfold; 13CC; double stitch in gray Dimensions – Closed: 11(w) x 9.5(h) cms, Open: 23(w) x 9.5(h) cms
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Kaizer : Kaizer is a lifestyle accessories brand in retail in the UAE since 2009. A three-point geometric defines the brand. Inspired by nature, engulfed by heritage crafting techniques, a unique patina develops through the lifetime of every product. A throwback to all that celebrates life, articles as individualistic as its user. Natural full-grain leather forms the core of all products. Both classic and modern collections are handcrafted in Kaizer’s signature Tuscan leather, vegetable leather tanned using natural tannins like leaves, barks, and flowers. Heritage Italian crafting techniques passed down from generations transform the hides into fine articles, practical for use in a modern lifestyle. Each collection has a unique personality, underlined by bold design concepts. All products come in with a 1-year international warranty, clients are encouraged to bring back products to the store annually for refurbishment, to ensure the longevity of the article.
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