4Moms mamaRoo 30 Silver Plush

AED   1,779.75

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Parents dont vibrate like bouncy seats or swing like swings We believe that infant seats would be better if they replicated the natural motions parents use to comfort their babies Thats why we created the 4moms mamaRoo infant seat We put smamaRoo to soothe and entertain better than traditional infant seats
4moms truly live up to their mission statement: "Develop dramatically better juvenile products and build a great company." Their minimalistic designs that are hinted with a splash of vibrant colours make a great addition to your baby's daily-use collection. Also, their unique approach to creating products that are carefully engineered into practical machinery, such as the macaron® vibrating infant seat, makes their products a help busy mothers and fathers to care for their little ones. Their safe, practical, and great-looking products will surely be of benefit for children and their parents.
JustKidding : JustKidding® was founded by two loving and caring parents who moved to Dubai 10 years ago. Annemarie and Ben the parents of Tijn & Famke thought the market lacked parenting expertize and decided to offer everything that new parents would need and desire in a vibrant, captivating and safe environment. JustKidding® have sourced the world’s leading brands in the region from safe furniture, to smart and elegant travel gear, stylish yet organic clothing, joyful toys and super-practical and healthy baby care products. A unique and wide range of products including it’s own brand of practical daily requirements; JustEssentials. JustKidding® aims to help new parents select what is best for their newborn, with expert advice from our team who knows it all.
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