Bilingual First Steps Lello Evolutionary The Trolley

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First steps evolutionary Cart with 4 different games 45.5 x 45.5 x 42 cm

A valuable aid for take its first steps safely

Centre Bilingual activities which recognises and teaches shapes, names and colours in English and Italian

Interlocking game fun and exciting

Included: 3 x AAA 1.5 V batteries

Imported from UK

The first steps lello the Chicco trolley is a good aid to stimulate the child to take the first steps in total safety,
but also for learn many things and experience new games. First Steps in safety: Lello the trolley Chicco helps the child
to standing by providing a good support, and to take the first steps by following the your time, your pace and your
courage. Made from durable material and quality, ensures security and stability and, therefore, greater autonomy in
first shifts to the discovery to baby home. All to shopping, as mum and dad: The first steps lello the Chicco trolley
incorporates an immersive game of role for the child that can play, really, to do the shopping. Can buy the products,
scannerizzarli and then placing cart that, thanks to its design, allows the designer of each cutter. Many things to
learn with the activity centre bilingual: The first steps lello the trolley Chicco bilingual talking is equipped with a
scanner that recognises the name, the colour and the shape of the food for inclusion in the shopping basket. Your baby can learn many new things, both in Italian and in English, and fun clip-on by inserting the mould in the game.

Chicco is an Italian manufacturer of children's clothing and toys with retail outlets worldwide. It is owned by Artsana, and has been in business for 60 years and is now in more than 120 countries
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