Actifry Express Deep Fryer 1Kg

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AED   889.00

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  • Patented hot air system and a paddle for even cooking
  • Smart build allows you to enjoy hands-free cooking
  • Retains the nutritious value of your food
Tefal brand has been embodies from the outset by one man: the French engineer Marc Grégoire. Watching his wife struggling with an egg in a pan whose bottom sticks, he had the revolutionary idea to create the first non-stick pan. A frying pan that doesn’t stick, even with very little fat! Preparing thus the revolution of the daily lives of cooks everywhere, Tefal was born. Nowadays, over 1,500 men and women in France produce our products and utensils by innovating continuously, while ensuring quality. A world-class excellence that makes Tefal became the reference in terms of pots and pans and legitimizes its place in our consumers’ everyday kitchen. Alone, with friends or with family, for everyday or special occasions, Tefal has been supporting you in an accessible home cooking, to share some exceptional moments with your loved ones. We have always done our best to create new ways of making your life easier. And we are not ready to stop. We want to keep inspiring you so you can make each simple moment a special occasion. Now it is time to look back to our beautiful history together, made of fun, success and happiness.
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