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Mylist Team


Founder / CEO

Originally from France, Julie is the soul of MyList. She is a workaholic who finds inner peace by spreading joy with everyone. When not cracking hilarious jokes Julie enjoys spa time, travelling and spending time with her husband and children. You can usually find her running on the beach, hanging out in coffee shops and honing her Instagram skills.

Fun fact: Julie used to be…a lawyer


Administrative Assistant

Eula is our adventurous Admin Assistant. She hails from the Philippines, and prior to joining MyList, brought her spunky charm to administrative roles in the lubricants/oil industry. Fully of happy thoughts, Eula attacks her responsibilities with enthusiasm, going through life adhering to the timeless motto of carpe diem;.

Fun Fact: Eula is obsessed with playing the freemium mobile strategy games Clash Royale and Clash of Clans.


Head of Marketing

Anne-Celine and marketing strategy go together like peanut butter and jelly. Hailing from the city of love – Paris, Anne-Celine’s charisma of winning way to the hearts makes her the most lovable member. She is truly energetic, outgoing and lives in a world of action. Her aspirations in life include making things look beautiful and spread happiness around the world.

Fun fact: Anne-Celine’s favourite snack is ... Koala Marshmallow Bears ... fine, used to be.



Pauline is the right hand of Julie in MyList, and she hails from France as well! Coming from The Landmark Group - Al Bahrain as the head of their marketing team, she embraces a very strong 15 year experience in a very wide range of industries, from hospitality to retail, software to fashion, to weddings! She's French yet she can't stand coffee and like her meat to be well-done.

Fun fact: Pauline's French spirit comes in her loving croissants, cheese and baguette! That's an authentic & typical French taste...can't deny. 


Office Manager

As an Office Manager & Executive Assistant, Michelle strives to spread a little sunshine and laughter around the MyList office while helping with daily errands to run smoothly. A Philippines national with 13 strong years of working experience, Michelle totally nailed the “good things come in small packages” theory.

Fun fact: Obsessed with online game Plants VS Zombies on her iPhone – don’t judge!


Gift Advisor

Although Habab is our youngest addition she brings a fun and full of life personality to the team! Her beautiful smile and creative ideas are like sunshine within the office. She's a caring people's person who can empathise with others and is motivated to guide our lovely brides throughout their gifting journey!

Fun fact: This jack of all trades is a published make-up artist and on top of that is a lawyer in the making! 


Executive Assistant

Sumaiyah born & brought up in UAE - Arab by birth and culture, but Japanese at heart. This powerful exposure to a myriad of cultures and languages not only made her a passionate polyglot; but has helped her successfully navigate her way through a notable four years of administrative experience! She’s extremely passionate about what she does, which makes her a vital member of the MyList Team.

Fun Fact: If she’s not sipping on coffee at a café, you'll find her meditating her fear of clowns away through yoga or reading a book to help strengthen her 7 spoken languages- most probably doing it all at once... she multitasks.