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Marina Home Backers Iron Rack Shelved

Backers Iron Rack Shelved

AED 3,950.00

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Marina Home
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Must-have irresistable hipster mobile iron rack shelved with reclaimed pine wood will draw attention to open kitchens, childrens play spaces, pantries, or funky offices. Size: 159 x 55 x 93 cm Material: Iron and Reclaimed Pine Wood Finish: Reclaimed and Waxed Color: Natural
Marina Home
Marina Home Interiors is a premium home décor retail chain based in Dubai. Marina’s forte is the sensible fusion of Modern & the Rustic, Avant Garde & the Exotic, Cosmopolitan & the Flamant creatively put together epitomizing a new realm of design – co existence. <br/> <br/> Modern classics and chic contemporary designs are complemented by rustic details displaying cross cultural influences; true eclectic ambience seamlessly blends design with functionality. Marina brings fusion to Home Decor.

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