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Lights & Letters White Ampersand

White Ampersand

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Lights & Letters
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Our 12 Inch Marquee Symbol Lights are bold and prominent. These lights are ideal for most homes or small retail establishments. Creative brides and grooms display these at weddings as a photo backdrop for guests or a sweetheart table display. After the wedding, they look stunning at home. Just imagine them over the mantle or in your master suite.

Styled after vintage movie theater marquee signs which date back to 1926.

Once considered "electric tiaras", marquee lighted signs are still the ultimate expression of stardom.

Marquee lights work like other lamps. Just screw the bulb and sockets in, plug into an outlet, and enjoy. Unplug and re-arrange to form your favorite words, expressions, or monograms.

Indoor/Outdoor illuminated icons are perfect for commercial venues, special events, trend-setting abodes, or as props.

Every home should be bright and colorful to bring happiness into your heart, that’s why MyList chose Love Lights Letters as a partner store. they summarize their brand in 3 simple words: LOVE LIGHTS LETTERS. It is truly an amazing customized gift for you or your loved ones to bring light into yours or their lives! They are Battery operated and stand-alone letters, shapes and numbers. Love lights letters are spread all over the Middle East, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Doha and Jeddah. They have three different types of marquees, the white glossy one, the silver rustic one and the metal marquees. They also have the wood marquee for those who are into rustic styles. They have different sizes ranging from 48cm to 90cm. If you’re looking for something that is more for your kids, no need to worry, they also have a kids collection that will be the perfect addition to your registry! So let us light up your MyList registry!
Lights & Letters
Welcome to Lights & Letters, the best online shop to buy and rent beautiful, elegant marquee letter lights. They have the widest range of marquee letters and symbols in the Middle East and their selection continues to grow in order to meet the needs of the customers. They summarize their brand in 3 simple words: LOVE LIGHTS LETTERS. They believe that with these 3 ingredients, the potential is endless to create beautifully decorated homes, rooms and gift items for people that we care about, kids and adults.

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