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Introducing Lana, Wedding Planner

Introducing Lana, Wedding Planner

October 13, 2017

Dear Brides, we had the the pleasure to interview the beautiful Lana, from Lana Wedding Planner, based in Dubai. Lana shares with you her passion and love for planning your big day.

Would you mind to introduce yourself to our readers?
My name is Lana and I am a wedding planner and founder of the company Lana Wedding Planner for destination (Dubai, Italy, Ireland, Maldives) and local weddings (UAE).

When and why did you start Lana Wedding Planner?
Lana Wedding Planner is a relatively new company in the wedding industry. It was founded in November 2016. My background is business administration and event management. You may think that it is completely opposite business spheres and you will be totally correct. But we never know why and how things are happening in our life.
One day I was thrown back to my dream profession, inspired by romantic movies (The Wedding Planner, War of Brides and others). I was fascinated by two things: how exciting it is to make people happy, to share their one of the biggest days in their lives, to transmit their love in every detail of the wedding; and how organizational and planning skills can be creatively used and applied.
That emotional kick made me take and successfully complete international courses for wedding planners. But establishing wedding planning business did not happen overnight and it took me three years to get ready to start my own business and make my dream profession a reality.

What do you enjoy the most in your job?
For me the most important in planning a wedding is to have that honorable opportunity to be a part of the special life changing event, to witness how a boyfriend and girlfriend become husband and wife, and it is not only marital status change it is the life evolution event.

How would you describe your style? What makes you different, unique?
By falling in love with your life partner and making the responsible decision to build your family YOU CREATE LOVE. By providing continuous support in your Big Step Day planning, both emotionally and physically, WE NURTURE YOUR LOVE. By making the dreams of a small girl come true WE CELEBRATE YOUR LOVE. We believe in you, in your story, in your love, and we want to SHARE YOUR LOVE, we want to spread your love and warm up the whole world with it – this is how we see our style and this what makes us different.

Why should they hire a planner?
First of all, it is optional to hire a wedding planner, and the decision should be done by the bride only as no one will invest so much time and efforts in planning a wedding as the bride.
I would recommend to hire a wedding planner only for one reason and that is – everyone, and especially the bride, is meant to enjoy the Big Day, really enjoy - not running around and making extra hassle coordinating tables setup, flower arrangements or putting table cloths on tables, etc and etc.
We believe that we create the wedding for the first and last time in the lives of our clients, we believe in their love forever; and we want them to remember this day as one of the best and enjoyable days in their lives, that they can remember smiles of each other, jokes of their family and friends and that special dance from their bridesmaids.

What would you be your top tips when choosing a wedding planner in Dubai?
Dear Brides, we, wedding planners, are all different and I do not consider any of my colleagues a competitor. The reason for that is that there is something special about each of us, we all have different character, temper, way of communication, style of work. Therefore, when choosing a wedding planner pay attention if the wedding planner understands you, if you feel comfortable to communicate with her/him, if she/he respects your wishes and understands your concerns. At the end of the Big Day only this matters but not financial side.

How do planners really add a couple's personality to a wedding?
A wedding planner should feel the couple. I can say that wedding planners are phycologists to some extent, they need to go inside the mind of a bride and groom and see their dreams and wishes. Sometimes it is not easy and may become challenging as we can get wedding inquiry with a very short notice, and it means very few (1 or 2) meetings with the bride and groom before their wedding. But we try to observe our clients during meetings (even those few), the style of email correspondence, the manner of communication and so on, all this will tell us a lot and will help in adding couple’s personality to their wedding planning.

Is there any interesting trend in the wedding themes this year?
Yes, definitely: in rest 2017 and whole 2018 year we will see very natural and true colour trends. Fall themes are rich in nature colours characteristic for autumn, such as: burgundy & orange, burgundy & white, chocolate, orange & latte, latte & chocolate, navy blue & orange. If we speak about winter collection we expect dusty blue & cranberry, gold & dusty blue, silver & gold, white & gold, white, gold & burgundy. All these colours are easily found in nature that will add more kindness, love, purity and natural touch to weddings in these colour schemes.

What is the one piece of advice that you would give to our readers that are getting married?
The one and only advice I give to the brides and grooms is as follows: remember that it is YOUR Day, do it the way you want, put yourselves and your wishes on the first place; and no, it does not sound selfish!

As you know MyList is specialised in gift registry, working closely with brides-to-be, if you had to use it what would be your dream wedding gift?
I think I would like to have all my guests be a part of my honeymoon trip. This is a great idea from MyList to have this wedding gift onboard. In this case I will feel that all my guests are a part of my honeymoon trip and they created it for me and my husband.

Finally, could you share with us what are your feedback about MyList?
I can share only positive feedback and I want to say THANK YOU to MyList founder and the whole team. You are doing amazing work and you make the wedding planning, especially destination wedding planning much easier. Thank you for being here for all of us!

With love, Lana