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Coochy Coo Mr & Mrs Cushion

Mr & Mrs Cushion

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Coochy Coo
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This high quality 100% Cotton pillow can be personalised with Family name of your love ones. 
For Valentines Day or Wedding day surprises him/her in the room, make a unique make over and atmosphere your love by adding this pillow in your room.

Size : 40 x 30cm
Coochy Coo
Welcome to our world of little squares. <br/> <br/> Under the brand name Coochy Coo we are designing baby clothes, accessories, and home textiles in limited quantities, each item intricately designed and handmade. <br/> <br/> The year 2007 brought 2 of the loveliest things ever into our world, our sons Kilian Lennox and Milo Silvan. Already while pregnant we dreamt about a label that would reflect the happiness we felt inside and the pride that Mothers and Fathers feel. For a new mom, the build up of nervous energy born of constant apprehension and extreme sleep deprivation begged for a creative outlet. Half a year later inspired by our sons, the Coochy Coo brand for “little Angels” was born. <br/> <br/> Noticing all the cool parents but the kid’s all looked the same - nothing individual, nothing new. Feeling there was a gap for edgy and cheeky handmade baby accessories that would play with local insights and that would appeal to Local Emirati, Expat Arabs, Indian and Europeans alike, we began to design baby clothes. <br/> <br/> For Dubai only a small range (15 articles) was produced with items that fit the local needs & taste in Dubai. We believe that especially in fast developing cities like Dubai, hand selected items have a right to make mummies, daddies and babies proud and happy weather visiting Dubai or living in the UAE. We are only using pre-washed cotton materials from best quality and of course we love it pure simple square blue or simple rose and white. In the shiny world of Dubai full of glitter and glamour, we felt drawn to simplicity, clean design and simple colours. We offer specialty items to other moms, moms-to-be, grandparents, family, and friends to baby; the great wonder that is the most delicate yet resilient miracle of all. We love what we do, every day is an adventure and we have huge aspirations for our brand. <br/> <br/> The Coochy Coo brand represents contemporary trends with rather classical materials such as pure cotton and linen. Coochy Coo offers all items for baby's from 0 to 2 and more. Coochy coo is cheeky and adorable at the same time; high-grade quality and surprisingly affordable at the same time. The Coochy Coo brand is for good reason known for its angel wings, which you will find on the guardian angel pillows, our first product and best seller.

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