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Back to school!

Back to school!

September 14, 2017

Vacation time is soon over as school days are back at bay. Is your little toddler ready to brave the halls? Make sure your checklist is ready as we share our recommended essentials with our partner store Just Kidding!

Cute backpacks are the first thing on the list. Toddler backpacks are specially made for young ones to ensure they get the utmost comfortability by sizing it specifically for them. Waterproof fabrcis ensure a no-mess, no-fuss experience at all times. Don't forget to select the perfect little back that suits your little one's personality. SkipHop carries bright and colorful backpacks from unicorns to ladybuygs and others while MadPax backpacks are a celeb fave from mummies Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Garner to Heidi Klum.

Make sure to always guarantee your kids eat a healthy fill by packing their lunches with lots of love and healthy treats. Monbento lunch boxes let you spoil your child with a variety of fun small snacks without leaving it a mess with its perfectly sized compartments. Portion sizes are specially created for children and crafted with durable, mini-tantrum-proof material.

Make sure your toddler is always hydrated. Pack some healthy fresh squeezes or water for homemade juices trump some preservative-added juice boxes. BPA-free non-toxic materials are a necessity in selecting water bottles for your toddlers. SkipHop has a selection of adorable water bottles that come with straws for worry-free, mess-free drinking. that come in ultra-cute design to go perfectly with the SkipHop backpacks.

Track every precious milestone with your toddler. As time seems to pass by faster for your little one, share the memory of marking of your child's height with the the Ixxi Miffy Growth Wall Art which doubles as a keepsake and a fun, modern, art piece perfect for any toddler's nursery.

Kids are synonymous to mess so make sure to always pack an extra pair of everything when you can. Our selections from Mud Pie, Jottum and others are perfect for the sunny weather with its breathable fabric that doesn't sacrifice on style.

Little toddlers need extra care for their skin, so make sure to choose products that are specifically designed to be gentle enough for daily use. Naif carries a wide range from sunscreen to lotions and many more in perfect travel-friendly sizes.

Getting back to school might be an adjustment to some kids. Let them carry around a toy to help them feel comfortable or to enable them to socialize with other kids. Quip them with fun, sharable toys that are also secretly educational as much as they are entertaining and fun.

Having a booster seat that is grab-and-go is always so handy. Make sure your child is ready for any situation at all times. Be it a last-minute carpool arrangement or the sudden need to take a cab, be worry-free knowing your child will be safe on rides.

For more Back to School ideas, hurry up and visit your Just Kidding store!