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Apple iPhone 6s Plus 16GB

iPhone 6s Plus 16GB

AED 2,999.00

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Ashraf Electronics
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Look a little closer at iPhone 6s Plus and you'll find its been fundamentally improved.
5.5-inch display. 
Resolution: 19201080

12MP pictures, 4K videos.

The next generation of MultiTouch.

Wireless Faster 4G LTE.
Faster WiFi.

Available in: Rose Gold, Gray, Silver, and Gold.

Apple products have proven their high level of technology and quality over the past couple of decades by being an unbeatable tech product in the market. Not only that, but their sleek designs whether in the form of phones, tablets, or even Macbooks, have always been of style with their minimalistic and practical structure. Apple products have also ensured that the user will find a range of desired applications and utilities that would assist one's daily activities, and in the simplest ways possible. Looking for technology that would never fail you, and that looks good? Apple will always be the answer that question!
Ashraf Electronics
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